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3 phase power

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    Hi all,

    3 phase power is measured using 2 and 3 wattmeter methods.Correct?
    can someone explain how these 2 work?I cudn get enuf info on it.
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    This might be helpful.

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    hey dlgoff

    thanx a lot.i shall look into each link and hopefully find what i am loking for and more.
    Thanx a loooooot!!!
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    It depends: if the phases are balanced and the power facter is 1, you could measure the amperage across one phase and voltage between two of them (I think - it might be phase to ground, though). If they aren't, you can measure each phase's amperage and each phase to phase voltage. There's probably a shortcut to that, but I don't remember it. Lemme see if I can dig up a wattmeter wiring diagram...

    http://www.amprobe.com/manuals/ampKilowattHourMeter.pdf [Broken] is a manual for a wattmeter showing different wiring configurations....

    I'm a little thin on the different configurations of 3 phase power...
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    thanx a lot russ,i really needed this.
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