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3 phase switch relactance motor

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    Im doing a project to control a 3 phase switch relactance motor using power electronics. I have choosen 3 mosfets, 2 auto couplers and 2 resistors.

    1. Would there be any other devices I need ( to solder to pcb board).
    2. What would the circuit digaram look like so I can solder this and test it.

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    Hello Kasim - welcome.

    Hove you done any research on three phase switched reluctance motors? Typically you will not control a three phase with 3 switch configuration (MOSFETs) - probably needs at least 4 but 6 Sw and 6 Diode set up is most common.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    It is group work and I have been told to do the circuit diagram. I think ive mis-writen the question previously asked.

    Basically we will be using a software simulation to design the driving signals to the 3 phase srm. Im guessing the mosfets are just going to act as switches so like in the link you have provided will only switch phase a,b or c at any given time when a current is applied.

    Does this make sense now ? If so how would the circuit diagram look.

    Thanks again
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    Yes the MOSFETs are switches - but you did not look at the AP note I linked to.
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    Ok thanks il look at that
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