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3D Vector resultant

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    Hello All,

    Please guide me to calculate the resultant of the following two 3D vectors.
    vec1 =(-0.3960i,4.6660j,15.2610k)
    vec2 =(-4.1230i,-13.2200j,17.9170k)

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    First a matter of notation- don't use parens and commas and "i", "j", and "k". Either (a, b, c) or ai+ bj+ ck.

    The "resultant" or sum of the vectors ai+ bj+ ck and ui+ vj+ wk is just (a+ u)i+ (b+ v)j+ (c+ w)k.
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    Thanks for the response and guiding me about the correct notation.
    I calculated the resultant in the same way as you mentioned.
    Now I want to ask you that is it possible that two 3d vectors pointing downwards (but both didn't lie in the same plane) can have their resultant in upward direction.
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    What do you mean by two 3d vectors not lying the the same plane? As far as I know, any two vectors must lie on the same plane (if all vectors point from the origin).
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    I don't know how to paste a figure in the thread to make my point clear. but i am writing my vectors coordinates as follows:

    vec1 =(-0.3960,4.6660,15.2610)

    vec2 =(-4.1230,-13.2200,17.9170), both originated from origin (0,0,0) and the resultant is: res =(-4.5190,-8.5540,33.1780)

    So, am i calculating the resultant in the right way?
    I am pretty confused with their (above two vectors and resultant) directions.
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    It's looks like you are doing the math correctly. However, I'm confused as to why you are confused. I don't see any vector that points downward.
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    Dear I am working on a structure in MATLAB and drawn a vector 1, which originates from origin(0,0,0) and pointing towards one end of the structure and hence calculate vec1 from the coordinate information of the structure itself as vec1 =(-0.3960,4.6660,15.2610). Now, If u draw it in MATLAb or on some graphical tool, you will get the direction as i said.
    Similarlily, I calculated vector 2 as vec2 =(-4.1230,-13.2200,17.9170), I know it is also, originated from origin so from the magnitude itself you can draw this vector too.

    Now, I am thinking that the resultant vector res =(-4.5190,-8.5540,33.1780) should lie in between these two vectors, originating from origin and should points downwards as seen in above two (but not sure).

    I am confused as this seems to be correct in 2d but for 3d i m not sure.
    So I want your suggestion to be sure that i am working in right direction or not?
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