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Homework Help: A few questions I'm studying for a test.

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    I'm studying a test and these are some questions I didn't know. I'm sure I won't get every question answered but if anyone knows even one that helps me out. Thanks. 8)

    1)What affect does altitude have on atmospheric air volume?

    2)A diver goes down to a depth of 132 feet. How many atmospheres of pressure are on the diver?

    3)A basketball with a volume of 4.75 Liters is left in a car when the temperature is 298 K. What will the volume of the ball be as the car heats up to 309 K during the day?

    4)Which conversion factor would be used to change liters gas to moles of gas?

    5) A gas with a volume of 2.75 L is known to contain 0.766 mol. Keeping the temperature and pressure constant, if the amount of gas is increased to 2.89 mol, what will be the new volume?

    6)What are the three basic types of compounds that are used as antacids?

    7)What is the oxidation number of Pb in PbSO4?

    8) Calculate the number of atoms in 20.5 g Carbon

    9)Determine the molar mass of Sodium Carbonate.

    10)How many moles of Li3N will be produced if you begin with 8.5 moles of Li ?
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    You certainly have some interesting questions here. I (and many others here) would be pleased to help you, except we cannot give much assistance anyone who hasn't actually put some thought into their queries and write down their thinking.
    You may want to reread this post for a clearer explanation.

    Just to get you started, in your first question: what do you think happens to air volume relative to altitude? Can you think of some examples that would support your idea?
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