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A general qustion on expansion

  1. May 15, 2006 #1
    A general qustion on expansion......

    As I was thinking about the expansion of the universe I couldnt understand a specific part of it which is if the space time dimensions are increasing in size or not(being under a geometrical streach). Once I heard that the expansion of the universe and the increasing distance between the galaxies is just like a balloon filing with air and that the galaxies are like the points on the surface of the ballon..... Acoording to this example I thought that the universe is actually under a streach..... So that means we are increasing in volume each second but as the expansion is uniform to evrything and that relative to us evrything will be seen the same... I'm not a professional, so I'd be glad to know what is really going on... :)

    The module I mean is attached to the post.
    Thankyou once again.

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