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    What does a Battery powered Calculator do when it's batteries run dry?..does it still perform calculations?
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    Examine the four stages of the creation of a calculator: First you have matter, from which you create the calculator (parts and accesories). Once you determine that matter, you actualize its potential and create it into 'form'.

    Now, when the calculator has no batteries, it has lost its actualization, but not its potential to still be a calculator. Therefore, it has lost its form, but obviously not its matter.

    Thus, we conclude that it does not perform calculations, although it has the potential to.
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    Cool :cool: ..interesting that you explained questions I did not ask!..but nevertheless you picked up a deeper meaning in my 'hidden-agenda' question, great reply.
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    It only perform calculations a very small percentage of its existence even when the batteries are working. Hopefully it'll get some new batteries.
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