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A little bit of history about cells

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    Hey Everyone :)

    I'm trying to find out the year on wich ~stocks cells~ has been discovered? I'm really not sure about the english word... but in french we call them "cellules souches". I've search a bit on google but couldn't find anything.

    Edit: Okay I found the correct english word, they are call Stem Cells. :tongue2:

    - Alex
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    Hope this may help. It was posted by Monique for a previous thread.

    Bone marrow may be described as somatic stem cells. The person who first coined the term http://www.ucsf.edu/research/stem_cells.html [Broken] was Gail Martin, a developmental biologist at Univ of Cal - San Francisco, she co-discivered them in cell mouse studies in 1981.
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