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Homework Help: A little help here

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    Here is a practical but slightly advanced physics question. i just need some help solving it.Well here goes

    The instantaneous value, i, of a sinusoidal current may be
    represented by the equation

    i = 10sin 942.5tamperes

    (a) Determine the frequency and the period of the waveform.

    (b) Determine the time taken from t = 0 for the current to reach a value of 8 amperes.
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    Can you show us what you have done?

    Do you know the standard form for a sin function?
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    I havent started working on it, i was hoping someone could give me a hand.
    If its any help it under the Topic Alternating Currents.
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    You should determine what the parameters given in
    stand for. Then you can easily find the answers you are looking for.
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