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A masters degree in what?

  1. Dec 23, 2013 #1
    Next year I should start my master's degree (if everything goes well this year).

    I have my doubts regarding which area to choose. I know most the teachers. I know with which I would like to work. But I don't want that bias compromising my choice.

    My university has the following areas for master degrees:
    - Statistical Physics
    - Particles and Nuclear Physics
    - Astronomy and Astrophysics
    - Nanomaterials and Condensed Matter Physics

    In terms of satisfying my inner child, I really want astrophysics.
    But, I also want to develop new technologies that can make the world a better place. Areas that raise my interest are "free" energy and nanotechnologies that can be used to cure people of certain conditions, for example, inoperable cancers.

    My interest in nuclear physics is just a desire to fill my brain with most information possible.

    Statistical physics is the one that I am less interested about, but still very.

    Any help making a choice?
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    What's the job market look like for each of these areas? Maybe you should ask the profs what recent grads are doing now. Keep in mind, though, today's job market may not predict how it will be in a couple years.

    Or, perhaps a better question is, what marketable skills would each path give you?
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