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A monkey learning tensor

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    Hello all,
    I am a physics graduate student, come from a small city of China, Hong Kong. This is my first post. And there is a little bit excited for me, because my thought can be shared with anyone around the world. This is a very nice forum for me and for the human. Thank you for the co-founder of the stie. Maybe I should stop my poor intro and return to the question.

    I have read few materials about tensor: Quick Introduction to Tensor.pdf by R.A. Sharipov, Introduction to Tensor of Physics and Engineering.pdf by Joseph C. Kolecki and Vector Analysis by M.R. Spiegel. Also the chapters about tensor in few mathematical books.
    But the problem for me is I don't know how to use tensor or how to apply tensor to the reality. I know the elementary operation of tensor, but it is more important for me to know the application.

    Now I am like a monkey, is explained and introducted different parts of a car. Unfortunlately the monkey still don't know how to drive the car.
    Is it the basic knowledge does not enough for me? Or the ability of monkey is not able to drive?
    Would anyone can show me the way for summit of tensor?
    Thank You!


    We have no freedom, but we have choice. And I choose "NO WAR".
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    Will, Have you read the other posts here on tensors? there seem to be some very useful stuff, including references to examples like the energy tensor and the momentum tensor.
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    Thanks mathwonk,
    I do have read some of posts.
    May I ask you that do you have any experience on formulating some of the physical natures in to tensor? Or to build up a theory on tensor?
    How do you start?

    We have no freedom, but we have choice. And I choose "NO WAR".
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    Hi Will

    Welcome to the forum. The most common place that I've found use of tensors is in general relativity and differential geometry.

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