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A question about Marion&Thornton book on Classical Mechanics (year 2)

  1. Aug 8, 2008 #1
    Dear all,
    I am wondering if Introduction Classical Dynamics of Particles & Systems (5 ed.) by Marion and Thornton is any good?
    I have already studied year 1 Classical Mechanics course, using University Physics by Young and Freedman.
    May I know if Marion&Thornton book is of higher level and suitable for year 2 undergrad Physics?
    Would you recommend Goldstein or Thornton?

    With thanks,
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    Goldstein is a honours level book. I am using Cassiday & Fowles, and I think it makes an excellent introduction to a book like Landau and Lifshi*tz, which would follow it very nicely.
    P.S. my prof says Marion and Thornton is a good book.
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    Marion & Thornton is a pretty traditional book for undergraduate dynamics.

    Traditional, but kind of crappy. Goldstein is in an entirely different league though, since it is supposed to be a graduate text.

    Personally I like Hand & Finch for undergraduate dynamics, and José & Saletan at a more advanced level. Landau is a great text, but not for someone learning classical dynamics.
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    Thank you guys =)
    I appreciate your help.
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