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Homework Help: A question about sepcial relativity

  1. Mar 24, 2008 #1
    An astronaut traveling on the Helios satellite (the fastest human made craft) goes on a trip to Jupiter and back in 75 days as measured by an observer on the Earth. If the average speed of the satellite is a quarter of a million km/h with respect to the Earth , what is the time difference ( in seconds) between the time recorded by the clock on the Earth and the one on board the satellite?

    honestly, i am realy confused on this part , can somebody help me?

    thx so much
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    Hi wowolala! :smile:

    Find the speed, v (as a multiple of c).

    Then the clock on the satellite will go slow by … ?

    Then multiply by the time (75 days converted into seconds). :smile:
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