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A question in harmonic motion

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    i added a picture wich illustrates the situation that i am describing.

    we put two masses on a spring.each masses weighs m .
    the luse length of the sping is L. the spring constant is K.
    both of the bodies (sticked together) are moving in a harmonic motion
    with an amplitude A.

    on one of the Oscillations when both of the masses where on the lowest
    point of their course the bottom mass fell off.

    g, A ,m, k ,L are known

    1.what is the new amplituted (when there is only one mass left)?

    2.what is the distance between the the mass and the ceiling
    when its kinetic energy is maximal?

    3.how much time passes from the moment of the separation
    to the moment it reaches maximal kinetic energy?

    4.find the kinetic energy?

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    Please show your own efforts.
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    does any one knows how to answer this question?

    does any one knows how to answer this question?
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    PF requires that you attempt the problem before asking for help. Thanks!
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