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A survey for an ankle brace project

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm working on a school project that is designing a new type of ankle brace.
    Our design group would like to know what usually people think about what an ankle brace should be.
    So if you can take a few minutes of your time to do this quite survey, that will be great!!

    This survey will aide in the design of a new ankle brace for prevention and rehabilitation of ankle sprains.

    1)Have you ever sprained your ankle? (yes/no)

    2)If you had to wear an ankle brace while playing a sport, what traits would you like to see in a brace? (Please list)

    3)What qualities you would NOT like to see in a brace? (Please list)

    Thank you very much!!!!
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    1) Yes, I've sprained my ankle.

    2 & 3) I'm not sure I understand how a brace would be used in sports to prevent an ankle sprain. The same motions you'd need to restrict to prevent an ankle sprain, you need to a lesser degree for running and turning and agility. And, you don't want to prevent an ankle sprain just to windup with a broken leg above the brace instead.

    When I sprained my ankle, I just used a compression bandage on it. No brace required. If the sprain is bad enough to require a brace, you probably shouldn't be playing sports on it until you no longer require a brace (it probably means you also dislocated your ankle when you sprained it).

    So, I guess overall, if you're thinking injury prevention, it has to allow a sufficient range of motion in all directions, and be comfortable enough for playing the sport. But, sports injuries usually involve enough force that if your ankle doesn't roll, you're likely to fracture your leg...or fracture it anyway. So, I think I'd want a built in failure on a brace to release before you reach enough force to snap your leg bones. Most people would prefer a bad ankle sprain over a broken leg.
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    I don't know whether this project refers to a mechanical brace or the elastic type. The main problem that I had (with a sprained ankle among other things) was that the elastic ones cut off my circulation. That might just be on account of being diabetic, though.
    I would like to see adjustable rigidity, so that various levels of support can be had without having to tighten the thing (perhaps some sort of tensioning spring).
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    Thanks for the reply.
    We've got the overall design done now. My designing group want to do the survey just to be sure that we haven't overlooked something that is essential to a user.

    Please keep them coming!

    Thanks a lot!
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