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A video intro to General Relativity

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    Yeah, very nice. I still haven't done the homework, though. :uhh:

    I'd love to have a whole course on video. All the lectures for the famous Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs at MIT are available for download, for example.
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    That is good stuff. Thanks. :approve:
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    There's some more videos on that site from previous years. Some neat stuff.
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    Is the web down?cant seem to get in:grumpy:
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    ok i take back what i said the website is not down:blushing:
    well.....i watched the 1st video but really dont understand anything he's talking about...hmm is there any intro to this intro?:mad:
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    If you're talking about the beginning, he's just writing down all the equations he's going to talk about for the next 3 hours. So the first 16 minutes may be pretty hard to follow.

    However, the talks were aimed at particle physicists. You'll need to know SR and have had some exposure to index notation to follow the lectures. That's also why he starts talking about massless, spin-2 particles, to connect up with things familiar to them. Other than these brief asides on QFT, it's not important to understand any QFT to follow most of the lectures, though.
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    it is all right!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Phew...i looked at those and got scared, i thought they throw you into the deep end like that :eek: , evil physics lectureres lol :tongue:
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    Good Stuff

    This is some good stuff!
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