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About BH singularities

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    I've read that there are two kinds of singularities : temporals and spatial ones. How can we know the kind of a singularity ? What are the differences between spatial and temporal singularities ?

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    I didn't find any mention to the difference between spatial and temporal singularities. Can you tell me more precisely where you have seen this in the link you give ?
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    Normally singularities are time-like if the geodesic paths immediate to the singularity are time-like which means time is temporal (i.e. temporary, ever changing) as in Kerr-Newman metric, or the singularity is space-like if the geodesic paths immediate to the singularity are space-like which means that space itself is temporal (i.e. not being able to hover at a specific r) as in Schwarzschild metric. There is also the null singularity (or weak singularity) which is predicted to exist at the Cauchy horizon for the Kerr-Newman solution. This link gives a bit more info-

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