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About gauss law

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    about gauss law!!

    is there any precise proof for gauss law?
    why ø=q/ε always regardless how the charge is distributed inside the surface
    and if anyone know a good book for electromagnetism please type its name for me..
    thank u
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    Try Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths
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    Every guassian surface can be described as a point charge. Electric field equals firce field lines per area. So the number of field lines equals e times a.
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    thank u all
    SteamKing, although the proof is complicated for me (advanced calculus for my level) , i`m relieved to know at least that there is a precise proof applicable for all shapes not only spheres!! so thank u again
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    sorry,, i don`t get what you are trying to say..
    why would we describe a gaussian surface as apoint charge??
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