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About project

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    i am a 2nd year mechanical engginering student. i want to start a project so i want some innovative ideas .plz suggest some projects.
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    You're a 2nd year mech eng and don't have any innovative ideas, maybe you should become a physicist instead :wink:

    but on a serious note, it depends what interests you. How about building a robot or a new machine to wash golf balls. Find out what you like to do and think of ways to make that thing easier/more enjoyable/more accessable/better. I had fun in 1st and 2nd year building water bottle rockets, solid fuel rockets, paper aeroplanes, radio controlled gliders, etc.
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    Let your imagination run, laddie. If you truly don't have fresh ideas of your own, try mining SF novels, comic books, movies, etc. and figure out how to build real-world examples of fictional technology. A lot of current technology came from kids who grew up on Star Trek and applied themselves to making it real, including some very worthwhile medical devices.
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    actully i want the topics which are current & we can add something in them to form a new one
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    i am interested in bykes & cars & good in engginering drawing
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    that's like asking somebody for a good idea for a book and then using their idea to write the book. I'm not sure it works quite like that. Part of being an engineer is finding the need and then fulfilling the need. you like bikes, then find out what you think bikes need and try to fulfill that requirement using your engineering skills. Surely your engineering department has some good project topics.
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