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Accelerating expansion of the universe.

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    I was just reading an article about dark matter and the expansion of the universe and thorught it sounded like a bit of a bodge so I began thinking about what else could cause the acceleration and came up with this idea. Perhaps someone could tell me why it's wrong?

    Is it not possible that the universe is being stretched by two forces not one. Firstly, a large growing mass (super-sized black hole) in the centre pulling things inwards at an ever accelerating speed and and secondly the remainder of the expansion force from the big bank pulling things at the extremities outwards.

    I should like to call this "Meagors Stretching Universe Theory". Right, that's that solved, where do I get my Nobel prize?

    D. Meagor
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    Ok Einstein,

    I think you have been reading enough grown up books!!! Just kidding.

    Your solution would then suppose an absolute center of Universe, which does not exist. It also supposes a define edge, which does seem to exist. Then an ever accelerating speed is a confusing theory, since you are mixing speed and acceleration. Finally, from our definition of our Universe, you Meagors Stretching Universe Theory could not exist, because of the outside of the Universe porperty of your second force.

    Therefore, you will have to wait a little for your Nobel Prize.

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    I'm probably fighting a losing battle here but anyway...

    It doesn't need a centre or an edge to work, just as long as something is being stretched and you're within the stretched space when you perform the measurement.

    I simply propose a kind of "sucking" vs an "explosion" to explain the acceleration and expansion of space.
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    I think i've explained myself badly here, One more try...

    Force 1. Force from big bang which should be slowing due to gravity.
    Force 2. The Big ScrunchTM force somewhere in the universe (doesn't matter where it's located.)

    The big scrunch causes stars closest to move inwards faster than stars that are further away hence red shift and the illusion that the universe is expanding when really it's just being stretched in parts.

    NB. I've shifted a space on my mantelpiece for that award.
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    If you apply Occam's Razor principle then you might not end up with your theory.

    Having to imagine a force from outside our Universe that is pulling our Universe apart seems terribly complicated to me. I prefer good old physics rules to understand what is going on in our Universe.

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    As physicists, we tend to think in terms of cause and effect. We observe and collect data, derive principles and mathematical relationships, and make and test predictions. When predictions fail to conform to observations, we collect more data, derive new principles and mathematical relationships and make and test more predictions. It's a never ending process. Observing forces arising from 'outside' our universe is illogical. The universe is, by definition, inclusive of all that is possible to observe.
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