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Adjustable height design

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    how does an adjustable chair/microscope work?

    I need to make an adjustable height box, and I need some basic understanding of the design.

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    Well, an adjustable height box is gonig to be nothing like and adjustable height chair or microscope...

    Does an "adjustable height box" have a fixed volume that can be lifted and lowered, or is its volume adjustable?
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    thx for the response
    it has fixed volume.
    could you give me a sense of what the design would look like?
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    You need to come up with a design and we can help you refine it.
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    Seriously super, not only should you be putting effort into this for yourself, but we are actually forbidden by PF Rules to give you answers - rules you agreed to when you signed up:

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    aite lol. I have no engineering expierence but hopefully ill come up with something.
    ill post my designs when i do
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    OK, the microscope adjustment is too complicated to build from scratch. im probably going to atttach the adjustment mechanism to my box. Problem is that I don't know what to buy/will be available at a general store that would have such an adjustment mechanism.
    does anyone have any suggestiosn?
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    Look for a Lee Valley store in your area.

    Mmmmmm. Lee Valley... p0rn without the p0rn.
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    superaznnerd: See attached file. Look at a manual office chair to get additional details.

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