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Advice on Novel?

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    Hi all, I thought this might be the best place to ask rather than just go charging in with inane questions and getting shot down. In short, I'm writing a novel which is based heavily on Quantum Physics and am looking for advice on aspects of this subject as they relate to events in the story. The protagonist is essentially a newb (like me) so what he says or does need not be accurate at all, but the results of his misadventures I'd like to get as close to plausible as possible. Now of course, in any story, the laws of physics need not be as they are in the real world (Tom and Jerry springs to mind) and can be moulded by the author as they see fit; but I'd really like to get things as "real world possible" as I can.
    Basically, all I'm asking here is if this forum would be a suitable place to request such advice, and (if so) in which section would posting this be most appropriate?

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    Many writers come here to ask these kinds of questions and we try to accommodate. One thing to keep in mind is that we don't like to discuss speculative science or personal theories in general as our mission is to guide students in learning mainstream science and it's bad to cross the streams as much confusion is generated.

    Take a look at the threads of other writers here at PF and see how they proceed and then you should be okay.
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    Yeah, you're very welcome to ask questions here! Here is the suitable forum to do that in: https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/writing-and-world-building.220/
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