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Aeronautical engineering

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    what subjects must i choose for this engineering and how should i prepare. i am 14 and i am in grade 8.
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    The basic requirement for all engineering is a good foundation in math (all the way through calculus), as well as physics. From those two areas, stem all the possible fields of aeronautics...
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    i have to choose 5 subjects what should i choose rather than physics (maths is compulsory) i have chosen chemistry, economics, accounts and business studies. what do you recommend best for aeronautics from these subjects and what should i do to better prepare myself.
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    Take chemistry and accounts / business. These will be the most useful....but math and physics are the main stay subjects you should take when available.
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    and also do i have to be very good in maths because i am average in maths right now but i am determined to do better if it takes to become an engineer.
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    and are their any magazines or tv shows that are for planes or that which could possibly interest me more in aeronautics?
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    Math is important since it is the "basic language" in which engineers work to create and describe the very things on which they work. An engineer of any kind has to be able to describe and evaluate whatever it is (aernonautical, mechanical, chemical, civil etc...) in terms of mathematics.

    You can always become better at math if it is presented and taught in such a way that you can visually see what is going on. There are probably thousands of free websites that display various mathematical concepts in a visual and easy to understand format. Once you see what's "behind the numbers and operations", you will understand when and how to use them. Search on Google and you will probably find more than you ever knew existed.
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    thanks! and if you dont mind me asking, are you an engineer?
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    Besides the Math and Physics, I would recommend you consider hobbies such as aircraft model building, model aircraft flying either thrown, control line, or radio control.

    Also, I recommend you check out to see if there is any Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadrons or if there are any Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter near where you live.
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    well unfortunately there is none of that here but i do want to learn how to fly a plane and maybe keep that as a hobby. and also do you know any magazines or tv shows i can watch or read to help me grow more interest in aeronautics.
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    Kitplane is a good monthly magazine for designers, builders, and pilots of homebuilt aircraft.

    Also, there is a multitude of sites on the internet.

    Personally, I am into flying boats, amphibians, Wing in Ground Effect, and submersible aircraft.
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    well you see i live in the UAE and do you think they sell kitplane here, and you mentioned sites, could you please tell me there names?
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    Other than math and physics I dont think there is much more you can do in terms of classes while in highschool. Just do well in the those classes and be involved in other activities so you can get into a good college.

    You should definitely look into R/C airplanes it is a great hobby and you will learn a lot.

    Two of my favorite books are "Rocket Men" which is about the Apollo Program and landing on the moon, and "Skunk Works" which is about a division within Lockheed Martin that has developed some of the most amazing aircraft ever such as U2 spy plane, SR-71, F-117. You could also just look up aircraft like those on the internet and read about them. They are extremely impressive.
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    thank you, i think i will look up on that.
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