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Aerospace Engineering

  1. Jul 24, 2014 #1
    I have just completed my Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering but now I am really confused what to do next.
    Msc or Jobs??
    I have tried to look for jobs in Middle east, UK, and so on but because of experience or work permit I cant match up to the requirements.
    plz help any suggestions
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    Try looking out on the west coast of the US (California) there are tons of Aerospace companies out there, same with Colorado, Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Even Ohio has Aerospace Jobs.

    Maybe just try getting basic entry level jobs or even internships (which are often paid in the Aerospace industry) and when they see your skill set, then you will be able to move up.

    Also, remember that Aerospace is a very versatile degree. My step father got an Aerospace degree, built helicopters for a while, and now is designing solar panels. Aerospace Engineers are very desirable in other fields because the degree shows that they are capable of learning new and complex things and becoming proficient at anything they are told to do. So take a look at companies that don't necessarily do rockets or planes. You are fresh out of college, so that first job will be the hardest to find. Your first job may not be very fun, but it is work experience. Once you do that first job for a few years, you will have that experience that the other companies are looking for, and will be able to get the kind of job you want.
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