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Aerospace Afrotc Pilot slot. Aerospace vs Mechanical Engineering

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    I am a female seniour in high school and i really really want to become and Air force pilot. I'm doing rotc and i was wondering what steps i could take when i start college to secure a pilot slot. Would i need flight hours and how could I get them?

    Also, I cannot decide between aerospace or mechanical engineering. Is one major more likely to get me a slot than the other.
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    I considered joining the US Navy to be a pilot when young. During the discussion phase I discovered they cared nothing for the content of my degree, they only wanted someone who had an engineering degree. This was their litmus test for intelligence and analytical thought (and possible 3-dimensional thinking) that they considered of premium value in order to fly high performance aircraft. Oh, and they frothed at the mouth over my 20-15 vision.

    I declined.
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    Thank you. Did you have to get flight hours before they choose you?
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    I moonlight as an officer in the Guard. To have first dibs on your choice of MOS (or AFSC), make sure train to run really fast and do lots of push-ups and situps. Ensure that you participate in extracurricular activities (sports is a good one) and serve in a leadership role (such as team captain). Being an officer is more than getting A's.
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    No, no flight hours necessary. They teach you that stuff. Doesn't hurt to have it, though.
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