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Air bearing for vibrostend platform

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    Hi all!
    There are actual task to specialists.

    I have a problem. There is a platform. It made ​​of aluminum 300x400x10 mm and must moving strictly along one axis (for example X axle). The Y and Z axis of this platform should be very tightly held. We can not allow fluctuations of Y and Z!

    Maximal shift along axis of the platform is 20 mm.
    Weight load on the platform no more than 6 kg.
    The platform must to vibrate along the axis with frequency from 0.5 to 1000 Hz.

    Question: is it possible to solve a similar problem using the platform which is sliding on the air gap?
    I want to giving up of all kinds of metal membranes, brackets, etc.
    Is it justified?

    Thank for attention!
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    Work out how much force you need, to oscillate a 6kg mass in simple harmonic motion with a peak to peak amplitude of 0.02m at 1 kHz.

    Then decide for yourself whether a sliding air gap has any chance of being a good design for a bearing. (I think figuring out how to fix the mass to the platform would be quite a challenge, as well).
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    The absolute amplitude value of the platform shift is falling at the high frequency, but this is don't care for me.


    I found some moving platform types which are has been described as follows:



    I thinking finally that the air bearing scheme is ideally for my application.

    The resonance analysis of metal membrane in the SolidWorks shows me many mechanical limitations. The numerical calculations of physical processes are difficulty, so only the real prototype model can to show real picture of result.
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