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Algebra II- 3-D Graphing

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    Algebra II-- 3-D Graphing

    my algebra II class is getting into 3-D graphing and i need help. can anyone tell me where to find some pre-made blank graphs? it takes me too long to draw them by hand and interferes with my tests.
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    "pre-made blank graphs" - what exactly is that? Do you mean you are looking for a picture of 3D Cartesian axes?
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    if your not afraid to waste ink just make it your self....use paint or something.
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    What do you mean by "blank graphs"? Surely it's not that difficult to draw three lines for the axes!
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    it's just that when i do it, i usually have to do one graph three or four times because it becomes too cluttered to make anything out. i guess i could make some on my own, i'll give it a try
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