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Alternative Energy Windmill Ideas

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    Here's the problem...

    I am to build a simple windmill (small scale) to lift an x amount of weight twelve inches above the base plane. The required amount is to lift 200 grams, 12 inches in 2 minutes or less. The materials are to be mostly recycled; however, I am alotted $15 to buy any new materials needed. The windmill will be sat in front of a standard box fan to turn the mill.

    The basis for my idea is this:
    1. An abundance of blades, with a decent amount of pitch. Material not yet known
    2. To lift the weight, I will pull a small vehicle up a ramp that will eventually become 12 inches high.
    3. The windmill part will turn a drive shaft. This drive shaft will be connected via belt to another drive shaft. This shaft will have a string that will wrap around it to pull the car up the ramp.

    What I wanted to know is...
    what is the basis to have a successful windmill? Is more blades or less blades good? Minimizing air unaffected going through is key right?

    Could anyone give me some alternative ideas that would succeed?
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    Have you put any thought into the use pulleys?
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    Dear friend,

    We can get the Power generated from a wind mill using the formula p=1/2dAV^3

    where d is air density in Kg/m^3, A is the swept Area again depends on Blade Dia, and v

    is the wind speed in m/sec. The blade has to be aerodynamically designed and

    balanced and I think nothing related to no. of blades.
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    Your input is great, rsrajeesh, but jstew posted his question nearly 4 months ago, to put things into perspective. Try helping out people who have more current questions - people who don't get their questions answered within 2 weeks generally won't ever look back on them.
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