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Homework Help: Ampere's law wire problem

  1. Aug 23, 2008 #1
    Hellow every one I have small Q but I stuck on it

    there is pic attached

    hope to be intersting and clear to you

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    rank the loops accoroding to the current enclosed greatest first
    2. Relevant equations

    we have three eqn's
    B = u "node" I encِْْْْ
    B = u"node" i / 2 pi r outside the wire
    B = (u"node" i / 2 pi R2 ) r inside the wire
    3. The attempt at a solution

    I knew the solotion but I do not know how did they get it

    the soloution is d and c tie then b then a

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  3. Aug 24, 2008 #2

    Doc Al

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    Hint: Treat the current density as uniform across the wire.
  4. Aug 24, 2008 #3
    thank you very much Doc al it is as what you mentioned related to the current density for c and d the current is the same whereas in b smaller and a is even smaller than b

    Sometimes we think in very difficult method when we can solve it in easier way

    Thank you again and regards
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