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An electromagnet made of a bunch of capacitor plates in series?

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    Has anyone every tried to make an inductor made out of capacitors, that is to say, which uses the magnetic field of displacement current rather than that of electron current to generate magnetic fields? Let's say the gap between plates is greater than the thickness of each plate. Wouldn't most of the magnetic field be produced between the plates in this case, and not around the conducting medium of the plates themselves? Wouldn't this help to reduce the amount of resistance of plates for a given material, path diameter, and (effective) length? Would the effective resistance of such a coil be reduced signficantly? Would it be able to handle higher currents for a given diameter (of plates, rather than wires)?
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    Capacitors of significant value are not constructed with expansive flat plates in parallel planes. They are made using conductive strips with an insulating film and all wrapped around tightly together.
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