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An integral with exponential, and trig functions within trig functions

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    I'm working with the integral from 0 to infinity of


    with respect to t. specifically, i'm asked to solve in terms of the gamma function. my question is more of what general technique i should use. all i've been able to do so far is beat it to death using integration by parts, with several different choices for the parts. the main problem i see here is the trig function within the trig function. any insights?

    thanks in advance.
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    Unless b is a function of t, the integrand is t^(x-1) * e^(-A1*t) * cos(A2*t), where A1 = a*cos(b) and A2 = a*sin(b), and both A1 and A2 are constants.
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    You are integrating with respect to t, so the sin(b) and cos(b) are constants. The trig-inside-a-trig is illusionary.
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