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An odd coincidence or just nothing?

  1. Sep 2, 2012 #1
    Hi this is my first post on this site and glad to be here!

    Ive only really started looking into maths and physics recently and feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment.
    After reading about spacetime i was just chucking numbers around when i noticed somthing odd (to me at the time anyway). When adding the speed of the earth (e) to the amount of seconds it takes the earth to orbit (o) and then dividing by the speed of light (l), the result includes the speed of the earth.

    486000(e) + 86400(o) / 299792458(l) = 486000.0003

    Im sure its nothing or to do determining the speed of earth but its kind of bugging me.
    Is it just a random coincidence? Is the 3 of any significance?

    The only reason im asking on here is because ive looked over the internet to anything related to it and found nothing (also why its probably nothing).

    Thank you for any suggestions anyone can give.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, Jack, but all you've discovered is that 86400/299792458 is close to .0003

    - AC
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    XD Haha! Thank you for being frank, like i said im a bit overwhelmed.

    Im really interested in maths and physics but struggle with maths although im determined to continue with it.

    Your response has made it clear to what i was looking at so thank you.

    No worrys if your not interested but is there a "simplified" way of calculating spacetime distances?
    I was trying to work out the spacetime distance between two towns (im having to keep it simple for now) or is that possible at all? More to the point it included a frequent journey i make in whitch at different points i would be 'walking to bus stop''waiting for for bus''journeying on the bus''going to trainstation-getting on the train etc etc

    Again, thanks for any help.
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    I'm not a physicist, Jack, but you might want to familiarize yourself with the Lorentz Factor at the very least.

    If you want to know more, maybe post a topic in the General Physics section of the site. I'd gander that folks who can explain it far better than I will be more than wiling to clarify the issues for you.

    - AC
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    Thank you so much my friend, thats very helpfull.
    I was not sure whitch forum to go on so sorry if ive caused any disruption to this one.
  7. Sep 21, 2012 #6
    86400 seconds is about one day, the rotational period, not the orbital period. Orbital period would be about 31536000 s.

    Speed of Earth (orbital speed) is about 29800 m/s, where are you getting 486000 and in what units? Your values need to be in the same units or include conversion factors.

    You say add this to that and then divide as in (A+B)/C but the operation you present would be like A+(B/C). If the later, you end up with seconds and a unit-less number... you can't add those meaningfully.
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