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Angle of attack as a function of Chamber line

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    Simply my question is :
    How do I calculate the angle of attack as a function of chamber line. where chamber line is given. and how can angle of attack for zero-lifr be calculated?

    This is not a homework. I cant see it by my eye without knowing the lift coefficient. I hope somebody can help me out here becouse Im very tired of googling.

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    'Camber' is the curvature of the mean line of an airfoil. 'Chamber' is a room, or other type of spatial enclosure.

    It's not clear what you mean by angle of attack as a function of camber line.

    Most airfoils are tested at varying angles of attack to determine the angle of zero lift and the angle of max. lift.
    You can do lifting line or lifting surface calculations to find these angles, but these calculations are complicated to perform.
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    You can download the free "polar" program XFOIL, which will produce a chart and/or data regarding coefficient of lift and drag versus angle of attack versus Reynolds number.
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