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Angle of deflection - spheres.

  1. May 26, 2012 #1
    What exactly do we mean by the angle of deflection?
    Is the ‘angle the velocity is turned through equivalent’?

    - does it tak into account the direction of the impulse , I ask because if it does, I am struggling to see how, I have attached an example where the impulse is in the direction of the line of centres of spheres.
    (- To me, instinctively I would think that the angle of deflection would be given by PIE-B-A.
    OR, is this instead the difference in the angle between the paths taken, the actual answer is simply B-A)
    - Examples I have done, it always seems to be a difference of the angles : (the bigger one - smaller one )
    - Am I correct in thinking that whether or not the angle is greater after is dependent upon the direction of the impulse, basically the line to which you describe it with respect to ?

    Thanks alot, any help much appreaciated :)
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