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Homework Help: Answer check

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    Question: A man is jumping into a river that is 23.0m below a bridge.

    1. how long does the jump last?
    answer: 2.17 seconds
    2. how fast was the diver traveling upon impact with the water?
    answer: 21.2 m/s
    3. If the speed of sound in air is 340 m/s, how long after the diver took off did a spectator on the bridge hear the splash?
    answer: 2.24 seconds


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    Yes, those answers are correct. Is that what you wanted?
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    thanks... i was just checking because i suck at physics.[b(]

    i don't have any answers in the back of the book and our homework is worth almost a quarter of our grade.

    physics for scientists and engineers = hard.

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