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ANSYS WORKBENCH 14: Simply support option disabled

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    i am trying to determine the maximum deflection of a beam on account of its sagging due to its own weight.
    I have the CAD MODEL of the beam and i import its IGS into ANSYS WB14.static structural.

    1.is it a uniform distributed loading case?

    2.i need to simply support the beam at both ends..but when i select the lower edge of the beam and goto SUPPORTS i find that the simply supported option is there but DISABLED(greyed out)..what to do now?

    3.i need to apply the loading..how to go about this?

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    You could have easily used hand calculations for the same, why do you need FEA?

    Also, how about just use plane line (beam) elements instead of full 3d structure?

    Simply supported option (probably) only works for line (& possibly shell) elements. It does not work for 3d solid elements.

    Or if you really want to use your CAD , try remote displacements in which you can constrain linear and rotational motions along each axes.
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