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Any concerns over recent choices of NRC Chairpeople

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    I am talking about Greg Jaczko and now Allison Macfarlane.

    I do not think they are incapable per say, but I question their technical knowledge. Nuclear reactors are highly engineered systems. Jaczko does have a PhD in physics, but it seems to me his dissertation was quite theoretical. Macfarlane is a geologist who does study nuclear waste issues. However, that is only one aspect of nuclear power.

    Perhaps I am being baised being a nuclear engineer myself?
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    Seen that the principal issues for the nuclear industry currently are social rather than technical, I'd be quite open to a savy politician being nominated to the role rather than a technical expert.
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    I'd prefer someone who a technical expert who is a savvy politician, and who does not have an agenda either way. Regulation should be objective and impartial.

    Macfarlane's bio brief - http://esp.gmu.edu/people/facultybios/macfarlane.html [Broken]

    I have to wonder what is her agenda regarding spent fuel and/or HLW disposal in a repository.
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    Her opposition to waste reprocessing and the Yucca mountain facility seems like a big red flag to me, especially the latter given that according to the GAO Obama's decision to shut it down was based entirely on politics and had no scientific merit. Unfortunately opposition the waste repository, in general, has more to do with either NIMBYism (for Nevada residents) or part of the ideologicly based effort to deligitimize nuclear power (which is pretty much everyone else).
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    Atomicinsights.com voices my concerns very well. I have the same objections.

    However, the word in Rockville is this a done deal. I hope the rumors are wrong. Any of the other Commissioners would have been a much better choice.
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    Since the appointee has to be confirmed by the senate, I don't think anyone could be confirmed that is pro- or neutral on the subject of Yucca Mountain while Harry Reid is the majority leader. I see a continuation of the 4-1 vote history with the chairperson being the 1.
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    The congressional hearings have convinced me that what I have heard was accurate. They will appoint Dr. Macfarlane. The atomic insights blog seems to agree with me here.

    My real curiosity lies in what is contained in the IG report. Rod Adams seems to think it is pretty bad.
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    Jaczko seemed to have a concerted effort to slow the process down; all of his reorganization of paperwork has done is put another layer of cruft in the bureaucratic morass. Not surprising, seeing as he was nominated by an oil man.
    Macfarlane will likely be just as obstinate and obtuse, being nominated by a "green energy" messiah.
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