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Anyone else thinks that History channel's name should be changed?

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    I ask this because of the lack of actual credible History programming, a lot of the programming now is either reality television or pseudoscience nonsense.

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    Possibly the BS channel. I have stopped watching anything from that venue.
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    Ancient aliens is probably the cherry on the crackpot pie. Also the whole 2012 programming. That was too far even for them. I can't believe how those shows are so popular.
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    I can't stand it, it used to be on of my favourite channels when it first came out.

    Now I watch Military channel a lot, since it's basically the history channel.
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    They aren't exactly catered to the scientific community / science students though. I don't know if Through the Wormhole with the holy one Morgan Freeman is on history channel or not but that show is a good example. The stuff they say is just outright ridiculous (there was one where they just brutally butcher the equivalence principle - one of the most beautiful concepts in physics) but I'm sure to the general public it serves as very interesting stuff.
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    I believe Through the Wormhole is on the "Science Channel" (another channel with a misleading title.) And although I'm only in high school with a strong interest for science, I have no interest in those types of fringe science/history shows. So I guess some part of the general public sees through the "interesting stuff."
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    Ya, it should be changed. It's gotten pretty horrible.

    I don't think I would mind 'swamp people' or 'pawn stars' as much if they were placed on a channel that basically admitted by its name it was for pure entertainment, like maybe A&E (although the shows themselves are pretty horrible in and of themselves).

    I have yet to find any show with a two worded title consisting of 1 noun and 1 adjective that is actually worth watching now that I think of it...
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    Well A&E and History channel are sister channels, they might as well merge and just like turbo said change the name from History and A&E to B&S.
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    You people just keep giving me excuses to show this.
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    The "History Channel", as history, is history.
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    One of the comments on the video is the same as this thread. He beat me to it. Well at least others agree that the name of such channels in definitely misleading. I'll point out a few just so other students don't get misleading information. The History Channel/H2, The science channel, Nat Geo had a few 2012 programming, and PBS's NOVA is close to going down that line, I wasn't too fond on the Brian Greene documentary on string theory.
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    A&E was originally the arts and entertainment channel for classics. It now is the Absolute & Excrutiatingly disgusting channel with such classics as

    American Hoggers

    Barter Kings

    Gene Simmons Family Jewels

    Shippng Wars

    Storage Wars

    Parking Wars

    Hideous Houses

    They used to have original movies such as

    Lorna Doone

    Pride and Predjudice

    They were exquisite.
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    The problem is not only the content of the channel, but the misleading title. How are fringe and plain out ridiculous interpretations of texts, artifacts, and symbols anything close to credible and provable history or science?
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    It is Us based.

    [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_(TV_channel)" [Broken]

    ]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_(TV_channel)[/URL] [Broken]
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    They had a show in which it was claimed that Einstein's Unified Field theory was used to make a destroyer ship disappear. That was the last time I ever watched the History Channel.
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    Yes, the history channel is garbage programming. However, I still rank "the learning channel" as the worst station ever. Yes, I mean you honey boo boo.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    But discussion of modern aliens would violate the history theme. :confused:

    They did just run a good show about Lincoln.
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    Oh TLC is the slime on the rocks that make the "rock bottom".
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    Why was it called the learning channel anyways lol...well it did make me learn to appreciate my parents infinitely more for not raising me up like that poor girl
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