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Anyone got Graph for attenuation coefficient gold?

  1. Jul 18, 2015 #1
    Hello, does anyone have a graph for the attenuation coefficient of Gold (Au) (y-axis) with the respective types of interactions with photons of various energies usually from~10^-3 to 10^4 MV (x-axis) and where the incoherent, photoelectric, compton etc...interactions occur? Doing work on this and I can find for lead and Iron looked hard but cannot find for Gold. Many thanks for any help.
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    This is visible in the region below 100 MeV already:

    The K-edge shifts notably, of course, but apart from that it looks like a simple (small) scaling difference between the two elements. The photon just sees a bunch of electrons, protons and neutrons at that energy (and partons at even higher energy), I would not expect weird chemistry effects any more.
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    Dear e.bar.goum, many thanks for your help. Yes in fact I got the graph for lead absorptions and used this as very similar given the similar atomic number, but many thanks for getting the graph for gold as very useful to me. I am trying to see if gold nanoparticles in tumours will increase the overall number of secondary electrons using MeV photons in vivo. Many thanks again andrew visioli
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