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AP Physics and college major

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    AP Physics and college major....

    Hi, I need to know something about college...

    Assume I score 5s on both the AP Physics B and C test, and in college I want to major in Physics and go on to grad school for some area in Physics. I plan to take Honors Physics BTW.

    Is it recommended that I use the college credit gained from the B and C test to skip many of the introductory classes in college? If not, how about just skipping the classes whose credit was gained from the B test, since C is like a repetition of B except more in depth with calculus? I.e., I should take the classes that Physics C WOULD have skipped.

    If it really matters that I get a college re-education in those introductory levels of Physics, then OK I'll just take the AP Physics credits off. But if it really doesn't matter that much, I won't take them again because I'm not exactly rich, and 3-6 classes gone saves quite a bit of money.

    Thanks a lot, PF.
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    Re: AP Physics and college major....

    It really depends on how good your high school classes were. AP tests really don't mean anything.
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    Re: AP Physics and college major....

    Skip the credit you would get for B physics majors don't take those anyway. Physics C does not cover all the matrial of an introductory course, even with both parts of (I and II). Most students pricing is not on a per couse or per unit basis, it is quite possible that retaking physics would not cost more, though it may stop you from taking substitution courses. You would no doubt benifit from retaking them, how much is hard to say. As a physics major you should take physics each term (maybe more than one). Introductory courses very from one to two years, and due to logistics all parts are not offered each term. If the course does not start until later in the fist year, then placing into the second year would keep you from being physics idle most of the year and really open up your schedule. This would likely not work with honors as most honors classes start at the begining of the first year and are morse difficult to join in progress. You may also be able to place into some elective or sequel course. Also be sure to learn as much math as you can as soon as possible.
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