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AP Physics

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    Is it possible to get a good grade in AP Physics test through self studying?

    with only based on honors physics class...
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    If youre willing to work hard. AP Physics B tests general knowledge of a wide range of subjects, so you might have to go faster than your honors physics class. What are you up to now?
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    There are some things to consider. If you take the AP test this May, that doesn't leave you nearly enough time to prepare, in my opinion. Although I took AP Physics C, I don't know much about the B test. And if you spend $80 on the test, you better be sure an appropriate lower score can get you any credit at the universities you're thinking of attending.
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    everything is possible. Hey, I self studied chem AP and computer science AB when I was in high school. If you focus on physics, you can do it!

    (make sure to get some books though... get a barons, princeton review or something like that for self-studying... do every problem in the exercise, and you shall be fine)
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    I self-studied both AP Physics C tests (mechanics + E&M) and a couple more AP's also...and I did get 5's on them, so it's possible. It depends on how comfortable you already feel with the material, how disciplined with the self-studying you are, and how much experience you have with self-study.

    Make sure you get a good physics textbook, but also, get a really good set of AP physics study guides (especially the Barron's)
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