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Arbitrary and inconsistent application of non-existant rule.

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    This morning a post of mine was deleted and I received an infraction. The cause was a misunderstanding on the part of the mentor who apparently thought that the thread was about a story that had ended in tragedy. In fact the child involved was not injured. When I pointed this out to the mentor, the infraction was reversed. However the post was not restored. The thread was "Dad Puts Toddler in Washing Machine and Turns it On" and the post was (to the best of my memory) "I don't get it. Most likely the child came out no cleaner than when it went in.". The reason for not restoring this post is as follows "A child was put in a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in maiming or death. Joking is not appropriate." Further, I want to draw your attention to post #2 in the thread "Mother who forgot her child was in car". The post says "Dang Evo. First tanning mom now baking mom." In this case, the child died.

    I have reviewed the posting guidelines and do not find any such prohibition. If this decision is to stand, I think it would be appropriate to add one.
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    The "First tanning mom now baking mom" comment was my way of showing my disgust with parents that don't put their kids first. It was not intended as a joke.
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    Is this the difference? Intentional jokes as opposed to unintentional ones? How long do you think it will take me to find other examples of intentional jokes?
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    In the thread "Man gets mugged, transforms into mathematical savant?", post #2 says ":Laughs out loudly:". Post #4 says "Aha, more evidence for my "two by four about the head and shoulders" method of teaching!"
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    We do not discuss moderation decisions like this, PM a mentor if you have a problem. PM a different mentor if it's a mentor you have a problem with.
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    Unfortunately, unless a post is reported, mentors aren't able to read all posts, so some posts that are inappropriate or distasteful go unnoticed. Ryan did the right thing to reverse the infraction, perhaps it is better to leave the joke deleted since the child was in a potentially lethal situation and was injured, although thankfully not too seriously.

    Jimmy, everyone loves your wit and sense of humor, but some people are more emotionally sensitive to situations than others and we try to keep things moderate. Of course, we will never make everyone happy, but we try our best.
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