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Arc welding plant power cut off

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    I have an arc welding plant and I realized that I am wasting energy when it is not used but powered on. Can anyone please suggest a way to get rid of this problem?

    That is, plant gets "active" when it is welding and is "idling" when it is not welding.
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    Ummmmm, turn it off? Seriously, unless you leave it on for hours before and after you are actually welding why worry? There is most likely a fan that cools the unit and it should be left on for this purpose for several minutes at least before you shut it off. It should draw a very minimum of power at idle.
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    I am not the one actually who use it. But the workers at my father's factory. They are not that concerned with turning it off when not in use. Last weekend it was on during the whole weekend. So, that's why I want to find a solution for this.
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    Can you put a timer on it? Set it to turn off on Friday at 5 and turn on when Monday rolls around.
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    1. Have you confirmed that it is actually wasting enough power to actually care about?
    2. Have you checked to find out if there are good reasons for leaving it on?
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