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Atom Bonding

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    This may be a simple question, but I still haven't a clear answer to it.
    How do atoms bond together???? What force is used to bond them together??
    (Please if you could answer both of these questions it would be great.)

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    Er.. what type of answers were you given? Were you given answers that were not clear, not something you could understand, or simply something you just don't want to accept?

    Bonds between atoms come in many different types, which I'm sure you've been told if you've asked about it. For example, this clearly explains some of the different types of chemical bonding:


    So based on this, what exactly is it that you do not understand? And at what level do you understand quantum mechanics to be able to understand the technical details of such explanation?

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    Well, I know quite a bit about Quantum Mechanics, so feel free to explain however you wish in quantum mechanics. But it is the atomic bonding in general that I do not understand, and especially I'm trying to figure out what force is used for atomic bonding. But the link you gave me helps very much, thank you. So right now that question is which fundamental force is used in atomic bonding??
    Also in the link you gave me are those the only types of bonds there are or are there more???

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    Electromagnetic force.

    There can be other type of bonds as well depending upon the approach of the researcher/professor. The various bonds are just the models for the EM interaction and hence they should not be taken too seriously, though, they are great to get some physical insight into what is going on.
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    Oh well thank you very much for the help!
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    Try to read:

    W. Kutzelnigg
    The physical mechanism of the chemical bond.
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 12, 546 (1973)
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    Now does this book explain everything about Atomic Bonding and all types of Atomic bonding??
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    No book can possibly explain everything about any kind of bonding. Please do not use the term "Atomic Bonding". There are molecules once there is any kind of bonding.
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    Well thanks anyway for the book and the help.
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    Oh, well thanks for the link!
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