Attraction due to charge particles and attraction due to gravity

  1. Why we don't question attraction of a positive and negative charge particles but we question attraction due to gravity.

    We say we do not understand gravity or what causes gravity or attraction. Isn't the attraction due to gravity similar to the attraction or repulsion between charged bodies.

    I am aware attraction/repulsion due to charge is due to quarks which too are also charge particles.
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    what makes you think we don't? There are theories of electro-magnetic force just as there are theories of gravity.

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    Similar, but not exactly the same. For example, gravity only has one "charge", whereas the EM force has two charges. This causes all objects to attract each other via gravity whereas charged objects will repel or attract each other based on their mutual charges.

    That's only true for particles that are made up of quarks. Leptons, which includes particles such as the electron and muon, are not made of quarks and are still electrically charged.
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    Have you heard of a theory called "general relativity"?

    No, it's not, except as an approximation. (a very good approximation under "everyday" circumstances)
  6. Electrical charge is due to charge characteristic of a particle and fundamentally attract or repel. So, is gravity also some characteristic of particles or it is just due to the curvature of space created by particles/matter.
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  8. That is true

    but not always.
    Two bodies can get away from each other, due to gravity only.
    For example,

    If we have a stone ball and a helium spherical balloon and they have the same diameter.
    And they are surrounded with heavier fluid than Helium.
    Air for example.
    And let there be only this two bodies and the fluid around them. No other masses.
    Due to Gravity, Helium balloon will not get closer to the stone ball, but exactly the opposite -
    it will fly away.

    Something like this
  9. Gravitational attraction is on the order of 10^37 times weaker than electrostatic attraction.
    Both are inverse square laws.
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