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Australian Scientists Confirm Past Life On Mars

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    Thought I’d link this article, as I’m quite sure those in the USA didn’t hear about it.

    Reminds me of the article I scored from Pravda (Russian newspaper) a few years ago, regarding the Hungarians proving that life exists TODAY on Mars (they quite convincingly used measurements of Methane, a biologically-produced gas, to determine their findings).

    Add this finding to those of the other 30 CONFIRMED Mars meteorites, found on Earth;

    Perhaps Hoagland’s claims regarding the “Martian Fossil” found (and pulverised) in front of Opportunity’s cameras, is not so “out there”, after all. His story on the Enterprise Mission website compares this particular fossil to those of Crinoids (found on Earth).
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    No, I've heard of it and the controversy surrounding the finding did hit the papers here when it first came up. This paper does little to change the minds of those in the scientific community: 'gee, it sure looks like a fossil' isn't good enough. Its still far from a closed question.
    That requries the false assumptions that the only way to get methane is through a biological process and that methane wouldn't remain very long after its creation. In fact, most of the planets and many of the moons in our solar system have methane (gas, liquid, or solid) on them.
    What exactly does that add? No one is debating that the meteorite came from Mars.
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    We're already discussing this here in PF, but in Theory Development, which is a more appropriate place IMHO.
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    Agree - check out the link Nereid provided for further discussion on this. Thanks
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