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Automatic/standard transmission

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    How does a hybrid transmision work?
    Both automatic and standard
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    When I hear "hybrid transmission", I can only think of a transmission that can transfer torque to a drivetrain from either a combustion engine, an electric motor, or both, for a hybrid gas-electric vehicle. But I think these typically are automatic transmissions for the actual gear shifting.

    Perhaps this is what you're asking about?
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    I was thinking along the lines of a transmission that uses a clutch to launch the car, but once in motion shifting was done via levers and no further clutching was necessary;


    I also recall a piece of farm equipment manufactured by White. I don’t remember for certain but believe there was no clutching involved at all. On the dash was a shifter with five forward positions. First, the driver would select low gear, and after the vehicle sped up a tad the transmission would shift into a higher gear by itself. As your speed continued to increase the driver would have to move the shifter to the next higher gear, and again the transmission would respond with another automatic shift of its own at the appropriate time. So, in all there were 10 forward gears; 5 of which had to be selected manually and 5 that would shift automatically.
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    It just occured to me that you were asking about transmissions for hybrid (both combustion and electric motors) vehicles and not a transmission that is both automatic and manual. (That concept confused me.)

    Typically, the transmissions for hybrid vehicles utilize 2 clutches, so that the electric motor can work independantly or in concert with the combustion motor. There are 3 basic types of transmissions for hybrid vehicles, parallel, series, and a combination of parallel/series.

    Some links:
    http://www.autofieldguide.com/articles/129805.html [Broken] (from 1998)
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    avemt1 needs to come back and reply.

    Don’t they also have those hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius that only use an electric motor to power the transmission, with the gas motor being more like a battery charger?

    Oops, I should have checked your link before posting.
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    Re: avemt1 needs to come back and reply.


    For the hyper-link challenged, the answer is yes. It's the serial configuration mentioned previously. The parallel configuration uses one or both of the motors to propel the vehicle. The "composite configuration" (I just made up that term) can do both.
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    Sorry for the long wait. I Never recived e-mail notification until today.
    As of what I ment J-Man answered that by giving me information on the Sequential Transmission. My consept was all wrong. And the hybrid transmissions were very interesting.
    I than you for all your help
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