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    Does anyone know of any? I am thinking of putting a hard drive with an old processor and mobo in my car. Then hooking up the deck to the sound card. I have enough knowledge of computer hardware and software to do so, but i would like to find a forum where i can ask questions if i have any during the process.

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    I don't know of any forum dedicated to such a thing but wonder whether it is possible to burn a large amount of .mp3 files to a DVD-R, then have a less complex player reading them in the automobile. I imagine one disk could hold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 songs?
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    ipod + remote ? voila :D
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    I don't know what's available, but you might want to look for them according to the manufacturer of your car. I know there are some sites where afficionados of particular types of car post. Volkswagon owners have a board somewhere that I've seen in my wanderings in the past.
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    Go to Google

    Type in "Automotive + Discussion Forums" or any variation

    You'll get several links, the first link is a forum similar to this one.

    There's plenty to find at google
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    All I know of is http://www.ifitsfast.com [Broken]. I don't know if they have your answer, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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    I wouldn't necessarily vouch for the automotive knowledge of the folks on this site, but their radio show is great.

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