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Autopsy on TV

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    Wow, I'm watching this autopsy on TV, its pretty... good? Interesting. On A&E. AWWWW!! They just took an electric saw and started sawing his head open. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yuck: :cry: :bugeye: :eek:
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    I saw a show where the froze a dead criminal, and cut him layer by layer with a lazer into slices as thin as paper and mapped his body with an MRI, or something like an MRI. I guess they made man-sandwiches once they were done.
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    Lol I saw something like that once, they took the saw and cut off the top of his head and then peeled his face back and took out his brain....ewww....I was disgusted yet had to keep watching. :bugeye:
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    I once took a biology course during a university summer program for high school students. One field trip was to a local medical school, and we spent a few hours in the cadaver room - and we spent a couple of hours as a doctor explained the process in great detail.

    I was a profound experience to look inside a human body - a person who had once been alive.
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