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Bachelor thesis

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    Hi all

    What did you write your bachelor thesis about?

    Best regards,
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    Fundamental Group
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    After doing some research my sophomore year involving spectroscopy on a chemical similar to phosgene (but even more reactive, with the chlorines replaced by fluorines), I switched majors from chemistry to physics, where my new thesis project involved the spectroscopy of atmospheric oxygen.
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    I wrote an undergrad capstone paper on odd perfect numbers, but I wouldn't call it a thesis.
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    Never did a bachelors... undergrad masters.

    "The Use of Computer Modelling Techniques to aid in the Design of a Vintage V8 Racing Engine"

    Noone ever reads your thesis, not even the assesors. They simply weigh it and multiply the weight by the amount of words in the title + amount of bribe money to get your grade for it
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    I didn't have to do a thesis for a bachelor's degree. What country are you in that requires that? Or is it for an honors degree? Here (in the US) you don't need it to get a bachelor's degree, but some universities will require a thesis to graduate with honors in your major. I supervised an honors student, and agree with the statement above that nobody actually looks at it other than your supervisor. On the other hand, my honors student will actually end up with a co-authorship on a journal article for her work, which I think is more beneficial in the long term than the honors degree.
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    I am not sure if it is a thesis, but I am an undergraduate and doing a 12 month long research related to Lp spaces for my senior research.
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    Most people do not do a thesis for a BS degree. At my university, everyone is required to do a senior or "capstone" project.
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    Right, I think most US universities don't require a thesis for a bachelor degree...mine didn't.

    My school offered independent research. I studied the effects of contaminants in crystals.
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    My design thesis: Conceptual design of a recreational submarine
    My research thesis: Analysis of underwater jet engines

    If it matters, I graduated with a Bsc (Eng) Aeronautical
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    Philosophy major?
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    Norway. Here we have "No thesis, no B.Sc.".
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    The six pieces of divorce, breaking it down into legal segment of divorce, the emotional, the financial, the custody & coparenting portion, the community portion (who gets custody of friends, relatives, etc), and the rebuilding of the psyche portion.

    I thought the research was a little extreme (and a little expensive) for an elective course that had nothing to do with my major.

    If I had it do over, I'd do mine on marriage instead - at least the research includes a fun party.
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    here in the philippines we are really required to do thesis before graduating a BS...
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    Long ago, and far away -- (very) high voltage stuff: "An Investigation of Mechanisms for Impulse Breakdown in SF6 at High Stress"

    Saw my advisor several years after graduating. He said "I still take out your thesis from time to time to look at the data."

    ...implying NOT at that drivel you wrote -- ouch! But, the data was good.
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    Our final report for our senior project was pretty much a thesis but it was not referred to as such.
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    Flexible Pavement thesis... "Structural Evaluation of some Highway, and a proposed structural design solution to its current problems" for my BSc.

    Something along those lines.
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