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Ball screw actuator mechanism

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    I have a reclining mechanism which moves by and down. It is X framed, just like an ambulance stretcher. It has to be able to raise its own weight through a vertical distance of 610mm. The length of the stretcher is 2m, and the distance between the wheels is fixed at 1.2m. Can anyone help me go about this....
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    I've used linear motion products from http://www.thomsonlinear.com/website/com/eng/products/Ball_Screws_and_Lead_Screws.php" [Broken] to find manufacturers.
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    hey thanks for the links, I've looked at some of the ball screw catalogues and found a few possible ones. The actuator must extend by 269mm and be capable of providing a maximum dynamic load of 9KN. The static load capacity is just a bit less. What would be the best model?

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